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Real Estate -- Buying or selling your home

 Whether  buying, selling, refinancing, or building a home in  Connecticut, you need an attorney that knows real estate--the law, the  process, the local customs, an attorney who is familiar with financing,  and has experience with the complexities in closings.   Most importantly, you need an attorney you can speak with, ask  questions of, trust, and rely upon.  A professional real estate attorney.  

The Law Offices of Richard  J. Shapiro represents clients in purchases and sales, refinances and new construction, and brings 35  years of experience in real estate to aid you in understanding the  process and completing your closing as smoothly as possible.  Years of experience, familiarity with issues, and  relationships with many banks, lenders, and realtors will guide you  through this important transaction.
 Here, you will find the personal contact  with your lawyer who can assist you in the many  parts of a real estate matter, from your home search to binders and  contracts, from your inspections to helping with your financing, to be there to help you throughout--to a successful closing.  

Richard J. Shapiro

I specialize in residential real estate transactions, representing buyers and sellers, or homeowners refinancing and working with many realtors, lenders, and banks.  Whether closing loans from Greenwich to New Haven, negotiating short sale transactions, or simply answering real estate issues,  I work personally with my clients to be sure questions may be comfortably asked and answered.  

I have always encouraged communication.  Clients should ask the questions they may have and I encourage clients to feel comfortable asking about any concerns or issues and staying connected to the process.

In addition to working with experienced buyers and sellers, I enjoy speaking with realtors about legal issues and education for home buyers. I regularly teach classes to first time buyers together with various agencies and local realtors. Whether a first timer, or an experienced owner, I will work with you, your realtor, and your lender to facilitate the  purchase or sale of your home.

I’ve lived in the area most of my life, graduating from Rippowam High School in Stamford, then attending Purdue University and Stanford Law School.  While I have handled many aspects of law over the years, including litigation, and trials in all courts, my focus now is residential real estate. I look forward to working with you on your closing.

Connecticut's Special Programs

Connecticut has a number of special programs to assist homebuying, particularly for first time buyers. I am familiar with many of these special programs that can assist both financing and education of buyers.  There are many state and local programs which can assist buyers with down payment and closing cost assistance, and I am happy to help guide you to and through such opportunities. 

I regularly do classes with the Housing Development Fund and the Bridgeport Neighborhood Trust to provide counseling required by the Connecticut Housing Finance Authority (CHFA) or classes to employees at St. Vincent’s Medical Center. I hear the concerns of first time buyers–and bring the know how to guide clients through the home buying process.

Having worked with first time buyers for years, I feel I have a special appreciation both for their needs, the special programs available to help fund first time purchasers, and a new buyer’s desire to understand how things work.  I believe that it is important to take the individual time to explain and help guide clients through this exciting but sometimes confusing adventure.

Let's close!

 Whether  starting out, moving up, or selling and downsizing, you want a  particular kind of attorney:  a real estate professional.  A  practitioner who can work with you, cooperate with your lender and  realtor, understand the law and the issues that arise, and who has the  understanding that the practice of real estate requires coordination and  cooperation to accomplish your goals and to aid in smoothly getting to and  through your closing.  So, Let's Close! 

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